Good for people.
Good for the Planet.

Small-batch Bone Broth
From Montana Ranches to Your Kitchen

Good for people.

Good for the Planet.

Small-batch Bone Broth

From Montana Ranches to Your Kitchen

Good for people.

Good for the Planet.

Small-batch Bone Broth

From Montana Ranches to Your Kitchen


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The Sampler

The perfect introduction to our broths. Use them to cook a favorite soup or just enjoy sipping broth.

The Sampler includes 2 Chicken Bone Broth and 2 Beef Bone Broth

Our Broths

Our premium collagen-rich bone broths create the perfect marriage oftaste and nutrition. All our broths are frozen in 16 oz microwavablecontainers and will stay in the freezer for one year. After thawing, youcan keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.


The original comfort food taken to an entirely new level of excellence! Our chicken bone broth will nourish your body and soul, just like grandma promised. Made with pastured and humanely-raised chicken.


Loaded with delicious flavor, our grass-fed and grass-finished Beef Bone Broth adds depth to any dish or makes a perfect cup of delicious nourishment. Use in soups, sauces, slow-cooker meals, or sip a cup for a nutrient-rich snack


Your furry friends rely on you to feed them the healthiest food possible. Made with 100% human grade ingredients, our broth for pets promotes optimal digestion, joint health, soft skin and coats, and a healthy immune system for both dogs and cats.

What People Are Saying

Our collagen-rich premium bone broth is a


  • 100% grass-fed and grass-finished animals

  • No antibiotics, growth stimulants, or hormones.

  • Pasture-raised animals from responsible Montana ranchers who practice sustainable grazing.

  • No GMOs, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or anything to make it “shelf-stable.”


We are a small company with a big mission:

Disrupt the global food industry with regional food production while regenerating the land and building local economies.

Join Us in Revolutionizing the Food Industry, One Bowl of Bone Broth at a Time!

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