How to Quickly Cool Down 50 Gallons of Broth

How to Quickly Cool Down 50 Gallons of Broth

The Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center in Ronan, MT, where we make our bone broth, is an amazing facility for small-scale food businesses.  

It has almost everything that I need to make small batch bone broth - just one thing was missing: an efficient way to cool the broth down quickly to meet health guidelines and be ready to package.. For the first couple of years, I used a cumbersome, time-consuming, frustrating system that made me want to pull my hair out.  

Then, in January 2021, thanks to home beer brewers and a random guy on Youtube, our small batch bone broth production was transformed.

Here's a video I made showing how I quickly and easily cool 50 gallons of broth at one time so it is ready for packaging. Seriously, this new way of cooling broth has changed the whole business, bringing me one step closer to a successful experiment in Small is Beautiful economics.  

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