Watch Sacred Cow for Free Until December 6

Watch Sacred Cow for Free Until December 6

Sacred Cow is a new film, based on the book of the same name, that busts the meat myths we’ve been told for decades.  

The film is available for free viewing through Sunday, December 6th. Click here to get access.

I had a chance to watch it this week and highly recommend it. You’ll learn the history of the myth that “all meat is bad” and loads of information about how meat-eating can benefit your health and the health of the planet.

The accepted narrative is that eating meat is very unhealthy and causes extensive ecological damage. It turns out that these detrimental effects come not from the cow, but how we raise the animals. Red meat CAN be healthy for our bodies and the planet. If done correctly.

Sacred Cow shows us how raising cattle on grass, not corn, in intensive rotational management is restorative to ecosystems and sequesters carbon while building soils. Grass-fed and finished cattle also provide essential nutrients for our depleted bodies. The health benefits are magnified when you eat “head to tail,” including bone broth.  

Mountain Meadow Beef Bone Broth only uses grass-fed and finished beef from ranches that are dedicated to restorative agriculture practices. By supporting us, you are supporting the ranchers who are doing this vital work while also giving your body healthy nutrition.

Together we are changing the world.  

I am not affiliated with the film or book in any way. It’ just a really great project that I wanted you to know about. Enjoy the film!


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