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Premium Bone Both
From Montana Ranchers to Your Kitchen

Delivered to your door monthly.

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Delivered frozen to your door

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Meet the Range

Beef Bone Broth

Loaded with delicious flavor, our grass-fed and grass-finished Beef Bone Broth adds depth to any dish or makes a perfect cup of delicious nourishment.

Chicken Bone Broth

The original comfort food taken to an entirely new level of excellence! Our chicken bone broth will nourish your body and soul, just like grandma promised.

Chicken Broth for Pets

Our pet broths use human-grade ingredients. Use it to promote optimal digestion, joint health, soft coats, and a healthy immune system for both dogs and cats.

Quick and Easy Meals

Mountain Meadow Bone Broth has all the benefits of traditional, slow-cooked food but is fast and convenient for you. We simmer it for 18 hours so you can easily create a delicious, nutrient-rich meal in minutes. Use Mountain Meadow Bone Broth to quickly whip up soups, stews, sautees, and roasts -- even smoothies!

Better Than Homemade

No more crossing your fingers and hoping your broth gels. No more hunting around for the right ingredients. No more worry about fake ingredients in boxed broths. No more time spent in the kitchen making a mess.

Mountain Meadow uses 100% grass-fed and finished beef and 100% pasture-raised chicken from Montana ranchers. We’ve perfected the traditional slow-simmer method to bring you a delicious and collagen-rich broth every time. Our broth is like homemade - only better.

Supercharge Your Health

Mountain Meadow Bone Broth is a powerhouse of healing. Our collagen-rich broths boost immunity, increase energy, ease digestion or build a healthy gut. We only use 100% grass-fed and finished beef and 100% pasture-raised chickens. We never use additives, preservatives, or anything to make it “shelf stable.”

What They're Saying!

" I love Mountain Meadow Bone Broth. I usually start my day with a small serving and will sometimes add chopped veggies and boiled eggs to make it more of a meal. Whenever a recipe calls for "broth", this is what I use. I've been using Eileen's bone broth for close to a year now and have noticed significant changes in not only my digestive health, but also my overall well-being. The stuff is great."

Anthony G

"Thank you for Mountain Meadow Bone Broth! I'm amazed at the difference in my overall health since including it in my regular routine. I have an intestinal disorder that requires a very limited food list. I drink this bone broth every day.I tried other bone broths, but they are too salty and make my condition worse. Mountain Meadow is light and doesn't trip my disorder. I could add other ingredients or use it as a base for soup, but I find it just right as it is. It is a super natural addition to my life."

Rae O

"Mountain Meadow Bone Broth is consistently wonderful! We use it in braising sauces, soups, paella dishes, mussels with bacon and thyme. We also enjoy steaming cups on cold winter mornings (or any time for that matter) with a little salt, pepper and a dollop up garlic. It’s a staple in our freezer."

Karla R

The Mountain Meadow Difference

100% Pasture-raised

We source our bones from Montana ranchers who humanely raise animals on pastures with sustainable grazing practices.

Just Bones and Veggies - That's It!

No antibiotics, growth stimulants, hormones, GMOs, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or anything to make it “shelf-stable."

Brewed in Small Batches

We brew our bone broth with meticulous attention in our local facility in western Montana.

Traditional Cooking Method

We take the extra time to roast the bones in order to maximize the flavor. Then, we slow simmer for 18 hours. After a double strain, we flash freeze to seal in the flavor and goodness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in Mountain Meadow Bone Broth?

Mountain Meadow Bone Broth simmers bones from pasture-raised chickens, grass-fed and grass-finished cattle, and vegetables. That’s it! Nothing else.

How is Mountain Meadow Bone Broth different from homemade stock?

When people make stock at home, usually it is only simmered for a few hours. Our broths are simmered at a precise temperature for 18 hours. This insures that the bones release all of their nutrient goodness.

Why do you roast the bones before simmering?

Most broth companies do not take the extra time to roast the bones. Roasting the bones prior to simmering the broth caramelizes the meat, cartilage and fat on the bones to intensify the flavor. The result is a deeply satisfying broth that can be sipped as is or add to your favorite dish.

Is Mountain Meadow Bone Broth concentrated?

No. You can use Mountain Meadow Bone Broth direct from the container. No need to add water.

What is the difference between broth for pets and broth for people?

At Mountain Meadow Bone Broth, we care about the health and well-being of your pets. That’s why we use the same types of bones - 100% human grade -- in both the broth for pets and broth for people. The broth for pets does not have any onions which are toxic to dogs and cats. Plus, the bones are not roasted prior to simmering.

How long is Mountain Meadow Bone Broth simmereed?

We simmer our broth for 18 hours to extract the maximum amount of collagen.

Why is Mountain Meadow Bone Broth sold frozen?

There are two ways to process broth so that it can be sold in a box on a shelf. The first is to add preservatives. Ick, right? Or you can package it with an Ultra High Temperature (UTH) treatment. While UHT stops bacteria from growing in the broth, the heat also begins to break down the collagen. The only way to keep broth for a long period of time without destroying its beneficial effects is to freeze it.

Where do you ship Mountain Meadow Bone Broth?

We ship to locations in the UPS 2-day ground delivery zone from our facilities in Ronan, MT.

How is Mountain Meadow Bone Broth shipped?

We use UPS 2-day ground shipping. All packages leave our facility in Ronan, Montana on Tuesday afternoon and should arrive by Wednesday or Thursday. We only ship on Tuesdays to insure that your broth arrives before the weekend. If you order after 12pm Mountain time on Tuesday, your order will ship the following Tuesday.

Will my broth arrive frozen?

We ship your broth in compostable insulated boxes with reusable ice packs. We only ship to locations where the broth will arrive in two days. It should arrive either frozen or partially thawed. Upon arrival, you can either immediately refreeze it, as is or thaw it completely and refreeze in ice cube trays so you have small amounts handy when you need them.

Can I make a one-time order?

Yes! Making a one time order is a great way to try our broth.

Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes! We offer a discount on monthly subscription. This is a great way to guarantee you always have bone broth available to sip or pull together a quick and delicious meal.

How can I use Mountain Meadow Bone Broth?

Mountain Meadow is a versatile broth. While the roasting and long simmer give it a complex flavor, it can be used in almost any type of dish. Plus, sipping Mountain Meadow Bone Broth is an excellent way to enjoy it. Add any combination of flavors to have an endless array of broths. Note that there is absolutely no salt in our broths, so you can control the amount of sodium you have.

How much bone broth should I drink?

Bone broth has numerous health benefits, but it’s not a like a medicine that has a recommended dosage. The best way to think of it is that broth should become a regular part of your diet – just like leafy greens or fresh fruit should be. Once you start using it, you’ll find an endless number of ways to add it to dishes, and it will become indispensable part of your daily food routine.

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