• I’m Eileen McGurty, purveyor of Mountain Meadow Bone Broth.  I started drinking broth with added veggies and a hard-boiled egg in the mornings to curb my desire for a heavy carb breakfast, as a way to manage my Hashimoto’s disease.  A bowl full of nutrition at the start of the day keeps me energized and eliminates the carb-induced fog that used to zap my focus by mid-morning. 

    While I was loving my nutrition-packed breakfast, making bone broth is a time-consuming and messy chore. I went looking for a ready-made product and wanted to support a small food business, rather than one of the food conglomerates, just like I do with my meat and veggie purchases. 

To my amazement, there was no Montana-made bone broth!  In Montana, we have easy access to pasture-raised animals that are raised humanely with methods that help the land.  A bone broth business would help ranchers with their bottom line by purchasing something from them that they often throw away.  It seemed like a no-brainer to me: start a bone broth business that produces a nutrient-rich broth, builds fertile soil and sequesters carbon, and supports a regional food system.  

Mountain Meadow Bone Broth was founded in 2018, selling hot cups of broth at the Clark Fork River Market in Missoula, MT.  As demand grew for a Montana-made bone broth, we added frozen containers, and eventually, started selling in grocery stores and health food stores across the state.  In 2020, Mountain Meadow Bone Broth started shipping broth to the northwest and intermountain west.

Know EXACTLY where your food comes from and how it is made.

Meet Your Ranchers

We work with extraordinary Montana ranchers who are dedicated to regenerating the land through sustainable grazing of their pasture-raised animals.  Regenerative ranching is more than “do no harm” philosophy; their innovative practices work to heal the land and reverse the damage of industrial food production by building healthy soils and sequestering carbon.  Frequent grazing rotations mimic the natural behavior of grazing animals, giving the land plenty of time to rest and build a biodiverse carbon-sink in the soil.

  • Oxbow Cattle Company

    Bart and Wendy Morris started Oxbow Cattle Company to provide the highest-quality beef, improve the ecological integrity of the land, and build a meaningful community.

    Oxbow Cattle Company produces healthy, grass-finished beef on pastures near Missoula, Montana.  Good stewardship of the land where they graze their herds is vital to sustainable food production, biodiversity, and resiliency.   

    Oxbow is dedicated to building healthy soil ecosystems that sequester carbon.  Abundant organic matter is built by using cover crops and mimicking natural gazing patterns with frequent rotations.  The result is strong soil that supports
    regenerating grass for the cows. Since the cattle never receive chemicals, their waste does not contaminate the soil, keeping it healthy and strong.  Their cows are never given growth hormones, antibiotics, or grains. Also, moving the cows to new pasture on foot or horseback, allows for effective, quiet attention that reduces stress for the animals.

  • Living River Farms

    Before Beau McLean and Christopher Green built the first certified poultry processing facility in the state of Montana, no one could buy Montana-raised or processed chickens. They had a vision – plus the ingenuity and grit to make it a reality. Living River Farms was born from respect for people, animals and the land.

    Their chickens are actually raised on pasture, inside large movable structures that keep them safe from predators and the environment. The farmers move the structures daily so the chickens always have a clean environment, new grass to scratch, and bugs to eat. The chicks are brooded indoors until
    they are old enough to go outside.

    The chickens at Living River Farms are never fed or injected with any hormone, steroid, antibiotic or chemical.  They are always humanely raised with lots of room to roam on new pastures daily to insure their health and yours, as well.


The food industry has lots of secrets.  And it’s not just the big conglomerates or junk food brands trying to hide the fact that their product is completely devoid of nutrition. 

Contact your favorite health food brand, even a small one, and ask exactly how and where the food item is processed. I promise you, no one will tell you.  Since the food industry
is absolutely cutthroat, companies keep this as proprietary information.

We are different at Mountain Meadow Bone Broth.  Our mission is to revolutionize the food industry with complete transparency, including the what, how and where.

We brew up our premium broths at the Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center in Ronan, MT, part of a regional economic development organization (Lake County Community evelopment

  • The Center fosters value-added agricultural businesses to give farmers and ranchers more control over their markets, to provide opportunities for food entrepreneurs in Montana, and to build a sustainable local economy. 

    The processing center has all the equipment we need to scale a broth business while keeping the quality control of a small-batch process. We make 45 gallon batches, using convection ovens to roast the bones and water-jacketed kettles to simmer the broth for 18 hours.  A flash freezer cools it quickly to seal in the freshness, and then we hand skim the fat and package it immediately.

Next time you’re in western Montana, we’d love to show you around the place so you can see exactly how and where your broths are brewed.