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Mountain Meadow Bone Broth

Chicken Broth for Pets

Chicken Broth for Pets

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Your furry friends rely on you to feed them the healthiest food possible. Our broth for pets fill the nutritional gap left by commercial dog foods and other cheaply produced, mass-marketed dog products with low-quality ingredients.

Mountain Meadow Bone Broth for pets promotes optimal digestion, joint health, soft skin and coats, and a healthy immune system for both dogs and cats.

Our broth for pets is made with 100% human-grade ingredients, the same pasture-raised chickens we use for our broth for people. We leave out the onion which is toxic for both dogs and cats. We don’t roast the bones before simmering, but that won’t stop your pups and kitties from lapping it up.

Use either warm or cold. Serve as a topper for dry food, wet food, or to rehydrate dried raw food. And they would love a broth treat to stay hydrated on a warm day

Water, chicken backs, necks and feet from pasture-raised chickens.

We Never Use - Salt, additives, preservatives, flavorings or GMOs,

We deliver to a 2-day ground shipping area (Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota).  

Broth is shipped frozen in insulated containers with gel paks to arrive frozen. We ship via UPS on Tuesdays to insure delivery before the weekend. If you order after noon on Tuesday, your order will go out the following Tuesday.

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We can not accept returned broth. If you are not fully satisfied with our amazing bone broth, please contact us for a full refund.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sherry Premuroso
Chicken bone broth for dogs

My dogs love the chicken broth! I make their dog food and add the chicken broth! Wonderful product!

Karla Roeseler
Very Flavorful

Mountain Meadow Pet Broth is a staple at our house. It is served to two ravenous Corgis and two persnickety cats. We typically serve it over their meals and occasionally serve it as a nutritious, hydrating and delicious treat. I find Mountain Meadow Pet Broth denser than other brands and I know there I know there are no artificial flavors or preservatives added. We feel it is truly one of the great ways to keep all our pets healthy particularly as they age. 

Jane Peterson
Helps skin problems

The first thing I noticed after including broth for pets in the dogs’ food was how they lapped it up. They loved it. Gradually I noticed that their hair took on a more lustrous shine. It made me wonder what other things the broth may have helped with that I couldn’t see. While I can’t prove a direct correlation, the skin problems that plagued one of the dogs have all but disappeared. I couldn’t be happier. And neither can they!

Juliett Crump
Great for senior dogs

"My yellow lab is 13 and wasn't eating his meals. Now with a freeze dried kibble and the chicken broth, he gobbles it up and seems healthier despite his old age."